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Tea Heaven Café Package - 160 Tea Bags

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Tea Heaven Café Package is the dream of every friend of tea, as it includes 14 different flavours and includes 160 tea bags.

Product description
20 x Emperor’s Bride
Ingredients: Black tea, elderberry and quince flavour.

20 x Tiger’s Daydream
Ingredients: Black tea, quince, elderberry and honey flavour.

10 x Caribbean Sun
Ingredients: Black tea, apricot-, pineapple- and passion fruit flavour.

10 x Cheery Rainy Day
Ingredients: Black tea, pineapple-, strawberry-, cherry- and raspberry flavour.

10 x Faithful Friend
Ingredients: Black tea, peach-, orange- and pineapple flavour.

10 x Wisdom of Stay
Ingredients: Black tea, pomegranate-, strawberry- and lemon flavour.

10 x Rooibos Orange
Ingredients: Rooibos, orange flavour.

10 x Lady Green
Ingredients: Green tea, cherry- and vanilla flavour.

10 x Nippon Green
Ingredients: Green tea, strawberry-, lemon- and vanilla flavour.

10 x China Green
Ingredients: Green tea, elderberry- and quince flavour.
10 x Ceylon
Ingredients: Black tea.

10 x Darjeeling
Ingredients: Black tea.

10 x White Bear
Ingredients: White tea, blueberry muffin flavour.

10 x White Tiger
Ingredients: White tea, grapefruit- and aloe flavour.

Weight: 267,5 g