Muumi teejoulukalenteri

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Contains 24 delicious teas in pyramide bags.

Product description
Contents and ingredients:

Moominmamma's Magic Potion 1,75g: black tea, rhubarb- and strawberry flavour.
You are Special 1,5g: Green Sencha tea, strawberry-, lemon- and vanilla flavour.
Sweetheart 1,75g: black tea, wild strawberry flavour.
You'll See 1,75g: Rooibos with chocolate cake flavour.
Burst of Happiness 1,5g: White tea, grapefruit- and aloe flavour.
Cool Story 1,75g: Black tea, baked apple flavour.
Rosy Dreams 1,75g: Black tea, French vanilla- and four red berries flavour.
Happy-go-lucky heart 1,5g: green tea, ginger, lemongrass, natural ginger flavor, lemon flavour.
Longing for Adventure 1,75g: Black tea, cookie- and cream flavour.
Me Too 1,75g: Rooibos with strawberry milkshake flavour.
Daydreams in a hammock 1,5g: white tea, raspberry leaf, lavender, natural raspberry flavour.
I Should Know 1,75g: black tea, lemon flavour.
Ready to Go? 1,75g: Rooibos with banana and vanilla flavours.
Funny About Love 1,5g: green tea, jasmine flavour.
Go for It 1,75g: black tea, blueberry flavour.
Bless My Tail! 1,5g: White tea, apple-, pear- and grenadine flavour.
It's Play Time 1,75g: Black tea, bergamot- and orange flavour.
Wonders of the World 1,75g: Black tea, truffle- and chocolate flavour.
Strike Me Pink 1,5g: Green Sencha tea, cherry- and vanilla flavour.
Tangy Trick 1,75g: Rooibos with cheesecake flavour.
Wonderfully Splendid 1,75g: black tea, turmeric, natural chai-flavour.
Fluffy Clouds 1,75g: rooibos, chamomile, cinnamon, and vanilla-, cinnamon- and aloe vera -flavour.
Upsi-Daisy! 1,5g: White tea, grapefruit-, strawberry- and vanilla flavour.
Magic Storm 1,75g: Black tea, vanilla- and pear flavour.