Sometimes it is unbelievable to see how quickly life change can happen. During the past two months, we have experienced the uncertainty and impact from COVID-19. As many of you know, we were founded 40 years ago as a family owned tea house. During the past 40 years, we have experienced difficult times but never has been as challenging as today.

We continued posting our content to social media during the past months, including new products, promotions and vibes. It does not mean that we try to pretend nothing is wrong out there, but we believe some warm message can bring our care to you, just like the warm tea brings safe sense.

During this outbreak, keeping our community safe has always been our priority. We are also closely monitoring the changing situation and react accordingly.

Stay healthy and safe!



The new Nordqvist Ltd factory of around 3,000 square metres in Ilvesvuori, Nurmijärvi, is starting its operation in March 2018. The new and modern production facilities increase the tea production capacity, making us able to meet the steadily growing popularity of tea drinking even more efficiently. The new factory enables us to expand the operation, in addition to new potential investments.

The advantage of our Ilvesvuori location is logistics, as it’s located conveniently close to the Helsinki metropolitan area, alongside the Hämeenlinnantie road, and Helsinki-Tampere highway. With the continuing growth, Nordqvist will engage also the Nurmijärvi area.

For us as a Finnish tea producer, it is essential to keep most of the production in Finland. At the moment our factory employs around 20 people, and we also export tea to Russia, the Baltic countries, the Great Britain and Japan.