Did you know, that Nordqvist teas are flavoured and packaged mainly in Finland? As a Finnish tea house, we are celebrating our heritage by using a lot of Finnish flavours in our products, such as blueberry, lingonberry and sea-buckthorn.

The Finns are becoming more and more quality-conscious when it comes to tea. The Nordqvist teas are chosen with care and expertise from the best varieties of renowned tea farms. Maintaining a close relationship with Finnish tea enthusiasts and tea drinkers is important, in terms of quality assurance and product development, and especially when developing our selection and packaging.

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Tea is produced on tea farms, where tea leaves are picked and processed in numerous different stages. Tea’s journey from the farms to the world goes mainly via tea auctions, where the buyers of different tea houses select the best varieties for the taste preferences of their own countries.

The flavour properties of tea are a combination of many factors: the climatic conditions of the plantation, soil, the tea plant itself, and its processing degree and type, harvesting methods and time, as well as the processing after picking. The international tea leaf grading classifies tea into over fifty different acronyms, that express some of the quality attributes of tea varieties (e.g. TGFOP). The final evaluation is however always done by tasting, called cupping.

There are many primary production countries of tea, but the most important ones are India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), China, Japan, Indonesia and Kenya. The best tea varieties are always picked by hand, in order to ensure the precise selection of the desirable leaves from tea plants.

The processing phases after picking vary, depending on the tea variety produced, such as fully fermented "black" tea, "red" semi-fermented oolong type tea, or non-fermented “green" or “white" tea. The fermentation is a sort of oxidation process, that influences on the flavour and appearance of the tea, as well as its effects in our bodies.