About us


Despite the fact that us Finns are not primarily known as heavy drinkers of tea, we have enjoyed this invigorating and delicious drink already for decades. Tea has been warming us on cold winter days, and refreshing our minds and bodies in the summer heat.

We at Nordqvist are striving to make every tea moment a true experience. We have followed this principle as a Finnish family business already since 1979. We believe in high quality tea and beautiful packaging.

Primarily, tea is a matter of delicious taste. We are following these values by buying tea, rooibos, and flowers, fruits and berries decorating our tea mixes, from reliable partners. We look after the quality and safety of our products. We want you to be able to enjoy tea with a good and carefree feeling. 

Making tea at home is easy. You only need hot water, a good filter, and a pot or a cup. We take care of the fact, that the tea in your cup is delicious, fresh and safe. Nordqvist tea house is located in Nurmijärvi, Finland, and our employees want to give their best everyday for good tea. Each operation, all the way from the product development to flavouring, monitoring and packaging, is performed with passion. For us tea is more than just the product that we offer to our customers, it’s a part of our lives. We want to share good feeling and warmth with you – the friends of tea.



Nordqvist tea house takes responsibility for societal relations. We take care of the quality of the products that we buy, while paying attention to collaborating companies and operators. We don’t cooperate with operators, who are not acting based on the legislation requirements, or don’t follow the common good practices of the country and industry in question.

We inspect the origin of our products in the tea production countries of origin, and the working conditions of tea pickers. If we notice some deviations, we intervene straight away, and aim to influence the issues and parties concerned directly. We take the specific circumstances and the culture of each country into account.

We require a social responsibility certificate from all of our strategic providers. Our tea providers have the SA 8000:2008 Social Accountability certificate, among others. Nordqvist is also supporting the BSCI Code of Conduct basic values, including reasonable working hours, ban of child labour, environmental protection, ethical business practices, occupational health care, reasonable salary or remuneration of work and prevention of discrimination at workplace, among others.



Drinking tea is an enjoyment. We at Nordqvist are paying special attention to the product safety of our teas. Our company has the FSSC 22000 food safety certificate. We invest a great deal to the quality of our teas and packages, and production processes. The product safety is monitored daily and developed continuously. We are carrying out the principle of continuous improvement in terms of both the quality of our products and food safety.

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