The story of tea

The story of tea Tea is a plant known by many names. As the planet's second-most popular beverage after water, tea has been produced and enjoyed for millennia. As far as is known, the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) originated from China, where it is called chá. The hot beverage infused from the leaves of the tea bush is comforting and refreshing. The history of tea has been studied widely, but its origins remain shrouded in mystery. According to the story, Emperor Shennong of China (2,800 BC) only drank boiled water, until one day a leaf fell into his cup. The emperor tasted the drink and fell in love with its flavour. The secret of tea was closely guarded by the Chinese for thousands of years. It was only in 1657 that a merchant of the Dutch East India Company was able to bring some tea to Europe.


More than 35 years of Nordqvist tea for Finnish people

Our family business was started by Sirpa Nordqvist, who opened a retail shop in 1979. A shop specialising in flavoured tea blends and selling loose tea was a novelty in Finland at the time. The tea shops in the centre of Helsinki offered consumers a broad selection of flavoured and unflavoured teas, imported by the company. The new shop concept and tea varieties were received with enthusiasm by consumers. Word soon spread, and retailers around Finland turned to Nordqvist for their tea purchases. This was the beginning of the Nordqvist tea import and wholesale business.


About tea

Tea is produced on tea plantations where the tea leaves are picked and processed in several stages. The journey taken by tea from the plantation to the global market primarily passes through tea auctions. At these auctions, buyers representing tea houses select the varieties that best suit their country's taste preferences. Finnish people are increasingly quality-conscious regarding their tea. For this reason, Nordqvist teas are carefully selected by experts from the finest varieties produced by reputable tea plantations. A close connection to Finnish tea enthusiasts is important with regard to quality control and product development, and to the development of our product offering and packaging techniques in particular.


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